27. Jul, 2020

Another 50 design on the homepage

The mighty Slayer Magazine from Norway! Also included: Ulcerous Phlegm, P.S.F., Infestation of Evil Records, U.G.B., Apocalyptic Things Compilation Tapes,....

6. Jul, 2020

More than 50 new designs uploaded

Logos and Coverartwork from Obscenity, Embalming Theatre, Damnatory, Nunslaughter, Paranoia Syndrome Records,...

29. Jun, 2020

More stuff released

Metal Die Hard Front, Embalming Theatre, ...

15. Jun, 2020

The first 100 Logos are uploaded, many more to come

Disastrous Murmur, BloodIncantation, Power it up Records, Cremation,....

2. Jun, 2020

More Logos, Cover and Layout uploaded

Desultory, Manticore, Anialator, Morbid Generation Records and more

23. Apr, 2020

More Logos, Cover and Designs online

Aeternum, Cattle Decapitation, Damnatory, Embalming Theatre and more

6. Apr, 2020

More Material uploaded

Additional Logos

20. Jun, 2017

More Logos

Additional material: Blood Harvest Records

14. Jun, 2017

New section

-Show the history
-new designs
-more logos

18. Jan, 2017

New section

Additional section

10. Nov, 2016

First pictures

Some logos, covers and designs to start with.

20. Okt, 2016

Start of the new homepage

New hostname, new place and a new start. HELLCOME!